Famous American Essay Writers

Each student is dreaming about someone who can help with essay writing asap and is at the same time really keen on what he or she does. Usually people are inspired by the famous American writers or essayists. Here is the list of the most well known people who are keen on essay writing. While reading about the most talented essayists throughout the history you will definitely be amazed.

1. David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace wrote a lot of novels and short stories, however, the best he is known for his distinctive and factually driven writing style. If you want to consider to get acquainted with his works you can read his most famous essay Consider the Lobster.

2. Jo Ann Beard

She managed to prove that this very genre has a depth that only fewer writers can actually achieve. You can enjoy both creative fiction and non fiction essays which occupy strong position in the contemporary American literature.

3. Edward Hoagland

He is a well known American novelist and essayist. His best works are about the traveling and nature. His strong point is bringing the reader closer to the nature, to the complex characters, to their fears, situations, desires and beauty, etc

4. Phillip Lopate

He is one of the greatest critics in the USA. His works is the greatest example of the first person essays for all students.

5. Annie Dillard

Annie Dillard is the Pulitzer winning author with the innovative look on the essay writing. She considers essay writing to be an imaginative and inspiring power deprived of the rigid academic frames and limits.

6. Joan Didion

This author explores the moral decline of society and cultural chaos. She writes on inevitably hot topics and there is always a bit of anxiety and inundation, however, it is worth it.

7. John McPhee

Non fiction narrative is not so easy to master for the author. However, John McPhee won the Pulitzer Prize 4 times for the contribution in this very genre.

You see that there are writers who are keen on essays and made it best to achieve huge success in the chosen filed of essay writing . If you are dreaming about the huge achievements in essay writing and researching, you will be inspired by the lives and masterpieces of the most famous American essayists with us. When you appeal to the list of above mentioned writers, you will definitely have the chance to learn a lot of useful tips on their example and become more confident and keen in your own paper work.