Steps to Writing an Essay. What Does a Good Essay Need?

Whether you are writing a five-paragraph essay you may face academic writing difficulties. Essay writing is impossible without an introduction, main part and conclusion. Main aim of an academic essay is to persuade the reader in the main idea. What is the first step of writing an essay? We have gathered 10 steps to writing an essay that will help you to compose an outstanding paper and receive good academic grades.

Basic Steps in Writing Your Essay

  • Any essay should give a clear answer on a question.
  • Moreover, it should have a good thesis statement or an argument.
  • Your essay should discuss or present something.
  • You will have to support your essay with relevant examples, clear evidence, facts and information from reliable and trustworthy sources.

Essay Writing Instructions

Essay writing is a serious process that requires you to spend a couple of days to gather good sources for your research. Use college essay writing tips that we have gathered and you will undoubtedly succeed.
Once you get your assignment, analyze it and define main key terms. Start researching your subject, use relevant literature: books, journals and other credible academic sources.
You are highly recommended to write an essay plan in order to analyze all your thoughts and ideas.
While analyzing material feel free to take notes. Compose the first draft where you should include your introduction, main part and conclusion. Once the draft is done, re-read it properly and make changes.
Give yourself enough time to gather, read and analyze material for the research. Keep in mind that you will never compose a powerful and outstanding paper within one night. Organize your time and start early.
Your starting point is to give a response to the main question of an essay. Work out your initial ideas concerning your theme.

Give Answers to These Questions

  • What do I need to research to give an answer to essay question?
  • What do I already know about the theme?
  • Do I have a relevant and useful thesis statement?

Essay Structure

Start with an introduction. In general a good introduction should grab the reader’s attention, you may present some quotation or an anecdote in order to catch the interest of your audience. Include a thesis statement and provide necessary and relevant background information.
The main part of an essay consists of building paragraphs. The body is where you give a clear answer by developing a discussion. Here you will have a possibility to show your knowledge concerning the subject. Feel free to use authoritative quotes and relevant examples in this part of an essay.
In conclusion you are obliged to restate the thesis statement and re-summarize main issues. Note, it is forbidden to introduce new information in the summary paragraph.